Legislation Standards Policies

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For up to date information on all policies, standards and industry issues concerning any aspect of your Intruder Alarm, CCTV and other security systems

wp409ce8ed_0f.jpg ACPO POLICY

Police Response to monitored security systems in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can be reduced or withdrawn if a security system generates a certain number of false alarms.
wpbb75adb0_0f.jpg CCTV MONITORING - BS8418

BS8418 is the code of practice for the installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems. This code of practice promotes high standards for the installation of CCTV systems.

wpc0b99c5f_0f.jpg DD243 and ALARM CONFIRMATION
DD243 is a Code of Practice for the installation and configuration of intruder alarm systems designed to generate confirmed alarms. This Code of Practice supplements PD6662 and EN50131.